CRE8R AmpliFi Vision & Budget Request

As most of you know by now I am shilling AmpliFi pretty hard. I think it has potential to amplify what we have built so far and position us well for the coming 4 year bear market where only the best and most innovative projects will survive.

We are on the verge of our first 3 campaigns for AmpliFi and currently we have very little structure or clarity around how it all works, how it relates to CRE8R DAO & how it will be funded along with how it drives revenue for the DAO.

This post will hopefully start to formalise this discussion and perhaps recruit CRE8R DAO members to get on board and help build this out.

Request: 1m CRE8R tokens over 6 months for AmpliFi related work + AmpliFi incentives $130,000 at current CRE8R price

This budget would be managed by multisig team on a case by case basis alongside the ability to make snapshot proposals for larger or more potentially contentious use cases for the $$$.

25,000 dollars worth of CRE8R would be used to fund a 6 week CRE8R DAO content marketing campaign around AmpliFi. This campaign would actually use AmpliFi to market AmpliFi. It will help our creators get familiar with the system.
We need all kinds of content and marketing materials for AmpliFi. Creators will be able to work their magic :slight_smile:

Dev budget.

We currently have Jono as front end dev and he has been doing an amazing job to get the V1 up and running.

I (dunks411) already have a salary from CRE8R DAO so I don’t need any extra money to personally continue helping in whatever ways I can.

In discussions with several other devs to help support Jono on a contract or hourly rate basis (paid in CRE8R).

**Marketing Budget / Bizdev Budget / General & Miscellaneous Budget **

Along with biz dev related work to explain it to clients and get them signed up as well as getting their campaigns setup ie Creating custom incentive structures around onchain KPIs and then communicating them in the interface / working with dev team to implement.

*There is a lot of work in that last sentence alone. But also lots of other things to do. *

Why spend CRE8R on this at all?

  1. We already have commitments in the works for:
  • 30k HND budget for Hundred Finance (10k USD Value Budget) and
  • 500k PODS for Beanstalk (500k USD Value Budget with the caveat that its at end of Barn raise podline).
    -Interest from GRO protocol

We already have 2 package commitments 30k HND budget for Hundred Finance (10k USD Value Budget). And 500k PODS for Beanstalk (500k USD Value Budget with the caveat that its at end of Barn raise podline).

I think this shows the potential here. With zero dollars spent by the DAO so far we have a new product that fits tightly with what we already do. And a new revenue stream which we can set the fees for. Lets say we decide to take 10% for Hundred and beans campaigns.

This is $51,000 dollars revenue for the DAO (again with some caveat about podline but you get the idea).

Not to mention that creators can also take part in these campaigns and earn extra $$ for themselves since they will already be being paid to make content around these campaigns anyway.

How about 3 month budget first, to see how the whole thing works out, with possibly a full campaign of at least 1 protocol using amplifi? Too many unknowns, hard to tell if the budget or incentive is good enough or too little.


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Why don’t we start slow, matching what protocolos commit for the campaign and see how it goes
Because nearly all of the $CRE8R that will be used for amplify is gonna be dumped

If amount earned by DAO is greater than $CRE8R spent, then we are profitable
If hundred commits $10k and us too, 10% of that is $2k so $8k loss for the DAO?
As for the 500k PODS they’re worthless now, right?

Is the endgame not matching what projects commit for their campaigns?

We need to hire @jono on frontend dev. This will require paying him in CRE8R.

Matching or giving any CRE8R at all is gonna be dependant on many factors. It’s not gonna be automatic.

CRE8R used in AmpliFi campaigns is used to bootstrap the platform and grow users so that campaigns become more powerful.

We can introduce staking or locking CRE8R to take part and to boost payments for example. This can balance out any dumping. BUT for this we need to pay devs to build it. Thats the primary purpose of the budget.

500k PODS worthless? Maybe. But more likely not IMO.

"Is the endgame not matching what projects commit for their campaigns?’

No the endgame is that every crypto project starts allocating an similar amount to AmpliFi campaigns as they do currently to liquidity mining becuase the ROI is better here.

So 3 months 500k CRE8R?

At the rate the price of cre8r tokens is sliding downwards, let’s put a dollar value. Should be about 60k usd for 3 months. About 20k usd in cre8r tokens per month. Good enough as a trial and experiment right? After a report of what works and what doesn’t, I think everyone will have a better idea of what to do.

The dao can decide if they want to:

  1. continue with more budget approved
  2. continue with less
  3. stop completely
  4. improve on some aspects before continuing