CRE8R Distribution Proposal

looks good to me. True (and sad) that less than 20 pple in the discord are active.

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I don’t really understand all this stuff, but commenting because it’s needed.
I think you know what you’re doing so I’m cool.

The airdropping might be an issue because also BOTs are members too


Smart…I didn’t discount the BOTs… but my number for Discord Airdrop is an estimate.

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I’ve seen examples of air drop when the answers can only be found by humans doing a little bit of effort to find. Maybe can implement that to possibility of bots

Set 20 questions, randomise it so that each person must answer 5. Need to get it correct to be eligible for airdrop. We can use it as a filter to investigate further.

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dunks has something that will help us filter this… some engagement metrics

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Another thing I think is worth discussing for us is the F100 NFT allocation

  • Currently the requirement to be in the F100 is by earning $2k or more through participating in Coordinape for 3 epochs or more.

  • This proposal suggests that we allocate 62k+ tokens to each F100 members.

For the OGs who have stuck with us through thick and thin (even when no tokens or extra incentives were offered), this is fine. However, how does everyone feel about new joiners who will receive 62k $CRE8R tokens through the current requirement?

Is our barrier to entry a bit too easy? Why or why not?

This may require another post on Discourse itself for discussion but I’m posting it here because we’re also discussing the amount of $CRE8R tokens that will be set aside for F100 members.


Hmm good question. Perhaps time is a better indicator of involvement. In a busy period, 3 epochs can really be just 1 month run simultaneously.

What kind do people do we want in? I can list out some characteristic:

  1. willing to put in more than take out
  2. willing to stay in for the long run
  3. willing to get hands dirty
  4. share similar visions

Perhaps we can put in a minimum time of 3 months. The reason is that all the good and bad can be seen in 3 months time. Or maybe a person have to seek a minimum of 8 F100 members to vouch. This will eliminate the issue of a wrong fit.

This means that I would have failed to be an immediate F 100 member by criteria. But I hope I have gained enough social capital to be accepted as part of the F100 by 8 other members


This is gold, RA!

Love those characteristics you listed. These are for sure the types of CRE8RS we would love to have in our F100!

Personally I have been researching and reading about DAOs. Somewhere I read that ‘culture is more important for DAOs than it is for traditional organizations’ and that was a big ‘AHA’ moment for me. We can discuss strategies, tools that we use (ie. Coordinape), better organizations, etc all we want but ultimately DAOs are made up of people, and ‘culture’ dictates how people behave.

I love the idea of ‘minimum 3 months of participation’ or ‘minimum 8 F100 members to vouch’ criteria.

I can aid on the research for DAOs, lol

Been doing enough summaries about podcasts on DAOs to give a good macro view of what are the best practices of DAOs. Mainly by Cooper Turley.

Think I can start a thread on what makes a good DAO and we can all contribute ideas. I think we first need to define a culture we can all identify with. All these seem frivolous and airy fairy, but I think it is as important as the foundation of a building. It guides our actions because we can all look at these values to check.


Will reach out to you via DM about those DAO related podcasts! :star_struck:

A thread would be awesome! Also, this is basically work we will be contributing to the ‘vision’ part for the initiative that Dunks set up: ‘Vision/branding/Marketing for CRE8RDao’.

LFG!!! :muscle:

See this too: F100 Rights Rules and responsibilities + Token distribution

I think these work together…

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All your ideas from today meeting were spot on. Personally I don’t think distributing the tokens in one go will be effective and some will just cash out. Dripping sounds good, a vesting period as well, or even a progressive monthly unlock 10%/20%/30% etc.

One thing that I was thinking when you said that “outsiders” will not be interested in CRE8R tokens, what if we make them to be interested? What if clients will get a discount for a CRE8R content package when holding a certain amount of tokens?

To address the new F100s … we can add them to vesting for sure. it would actually probably be better to do so as they can claim tokens when they feel its tax appropriate.

I do think that RA has a good point an time in is just as, if not more, important than $s earned

Regarding this… the reason, the few of us that talked this, decided against this was that we don’t want to make it a burden for clients to pay. and its the same thing if they pay us and we buy the tokens with their money. we have more control this way too.

also, the LPs need to be deep so when they buy them there isn’t much effect. so this can be explored later


Yes, I think you are right. Make sense now when reading your comment

Though, we need to start generating ideas on incentives to hold CRE8R tokens.

Just putting ideas out…

  • Holding a certain amount of tokens could unlock special channels in the discord
  • holding a certain amount makes you eligible to work on certain projects

I also agree with the vesting

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I like these ideas, but not sure about managing somethign like this.

we could have some sort of other mechanics…

I have put this to snapshot here.


I have few concerns I will address in a while.

We’re going thru the voting process now. ending on 16th Oct. I think if you’ve anything to say, you should do it like right now.

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