CRE8R Tokenomics Revamp - Revenue Sharing / Buybacks - F100 Updates

Here is the long form document with more reasoning but I will simply post the proposed action items here to fine tune them via feedback and discussion before submitting to snapshot.

1, Increase the voting power of F100 NFT from 62k CRE8R to 360k CRE8R

2, Deploy 50% of new DAO revenue to a market making fund managed by Multisig & or experienced delegates for the primary purpose of buying back CRE8R and later for more normal market making operations.

Allows the DAO to buy back CRE8R from the market for use in CRE8R bonuses and for paying contributers at very low prices over the short term. Longer term the market making fund will help to manage liquidity stablise price and earn a spread which will help grow the treasury.

Note the amount of 50% of revenue allocated towards buybacks is a short term measure (over the next few months as needed).

3, Deploy 50% of new revenue towards CRE8R/FTM stakers with a view to switch to CRE8R/USDC asap.

Ensures CRE8R is an attractive token for investors and that all CRE8R holders have a chance to share in the DAOs success.

Note this is a forever thing. At least 50% of DAO revenue would be shared with CRE8R stakers / veCRE8R forever.

4, Replace the 10% sales fee paid in USDC with 10% sales fee paid in USDC value of CRE8R.

ie Sale Payment in CRE8R = sales fee usd value / price of CRE8R @ time of payment

Frees up more revenue for content creators and aligns sales team with long term DAO success via revenue sharing.

5, Give a quantity of CRE8R equal to 10% of the USD value of creator earnings as a bonus on top of normal client campaign earnings.

This ensures CRE8R steadily gets into the hands of our core ecosystem participants and aligns creators incentives with the DAO over time.

6, Deploy veCRE8R contract for the purpose of locking a percentage of CRE8R bonuses (which are also part of this proposal - see above).

Ensures selling pressure is kept to a minimum over the coming years while still getting CRE8R into the hands of content creators in line with their contribution to campaigns.