Discourse - Continue or stop?

This very platform should serve a purpose - encourage discussion and lay out our thoughts clearly to reach an informed consensus. It also comes at a cost:

We’re still on a trial plan. This is day 4 out of the free look of 14 days. It’s still early, but I want everyone to think about whether this is something we should pay for.

A few issues:

  1. Possible to encourage more people to use this? Because if it’s only less than 10 people on this, is this the best use of our money?
  2. Does it serve its purpose?
  3. Are there alternatives, free or otherwise?

Please give your thoughts on this.

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$100/month is ridiculous for a DAO.

And it’s an essential tool to use a proper workflow in a DAO. Discord is nice , but for important discussion it’s too messy. And we need more structured discussion, especially when it’s to prepare a vote or a proposal .


I think it’s way easier to have real discussions here. There is too much noise in Discord and important conversations get lost. But yes we first need to encourage more people to use this, if not it doesn’t matter how much better this is compared to Discord.


yeah, regarding that…any ideas on how to do it. I know some people just don’t have the bandwidth to read another site, but I guess this is not for them anyway.

The real target audience here are those that want to contribute but found the discord messy and thus they switch off.

Maybe some incentive to participate. Tokens for top x contributors etc


I think it’s helpful but we need more participation.


$100 per month is not a huge deal. If this tool helps the process and evolution then it serves the purpose and must continue

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Yeah, the issue is that nobody is using. Or, nobody is using it as much as we should be lol

I’m in support of us continuing to use Discourse.

Okay, seems like everyone is okay with this. Don’t think there’s a need to vote unless there’s anyone who opposes this?

If there’s clear consensus then IMO we don’t need to vote.

Basically, we can say: ‘If anyone is against this, speak up now or forever hold your peace.’ :joy:

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Getting married to a proposal lol

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I think we should continue. I’m happy to pay for it for a month or two while we build up the numbers and utility of discoruse,.


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Agree, let’s please continue and use the Treasury to pay for the subscription. This is a way more effective way to discuss all governance related subject matters which are foundational for our DAO.

Unless anyone from the F100 objects to this?

If anyone objects, please comment below and offer reasons of objection & suggestions of alternative ways/forum platforms for governance discussions.

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