Full time salaries


Currently there are 3 people in the DAO who are working at least 15hrs a week (often more) on tasks that do not fit into the current payment categories.

Those people are:
► Dunks
► Ceazor
► Fugu

We have methods that so far have been working well for paying bonuses for making sales, for content creation, and for being a PM. Everything else however, does not have a proper system. Making a proper and fair system is the purpose of this snapshot.

While it has been tried, Coordinape simply doesn’t work for this, especially because there are not enough peers who know about the full-scope of the work being done to fairly reward it by giving points.

Although 3 DAO members were mentioned above, their positions are by no means permanent. If they stop doing their duties, payment will be cut or stopped. If others step up and begin to take on a similar level of responsibility, they will be added.

SIX MONTHS from the end of this snapshot, the activities of the DAO members concerned will be reviewed and the salary amount will go up for vote again by the F100 (can be increased/reduced in the vote)

Below is a partial list of the current responsibilities carried out by each of the 3 DAO members mentioned above:

►Building https://amplifi.cre8r.vip/, running sales, dev, etc for that.
►Managing website & Twitter (and he does A LOT of shitposting :joy:)
►F100 NFTs

  • more

► Disperse all payouts
► Setup and Manage F100 Streams
► Manage Treasury Farms
► Rake back / buyback CRE8R from bribes
► Monitor the Beets Farm
► Work with dunks to manage the bribes
► Outreach with protocols to setup partnerships for CRE8R token
► Generally promote CRE8RDAO
► Select high quality creators to onboard

  • more

► Daily Fish :blowfish:
► Weekly Meeting host
► keeping track of dao financials
► making sure all payments go out on time and DAO sticks to schedule
► Managing Twitter North America shift
► onboarding new CRE8Rs, including 1 on 1 phone calls
► playing “bad cop” (aka. offboarding :rofl: )
► dealing with grievances
► dao tweaks and proposals
► Damage control (make up for financial losses in the past)
► Going to conferences and representing CRE8R :slightly_smiling_face:

  • more

For this proposal, several options for monthly payment are given. Choose the one that you believe is most appropriate considering the above. The minimum amount on the snapshot is the absolute minimum we are prepared to do accept for the above tasks.

NOTE: Each F100 member has one vote. Snapshot is currently set to give all F100 holder equal voting power. This does not take into account CRE8R token held anywhere.

Also this I going to be paid out in CRE8R

Team, this should be split into several items:

1 - (immediately) A treasury proposal for reasonable retroactive compensation for those above mentioned for the work they’ve done so far

2 - Separate treasury proposals to fund specific projects already underway outlined above eg AmpliFi

3 - A working group to establish formal groups and roles in the DAO with commensurate compensation per defined term (month, ‘season’, qtr…).

These could look like the following with roles attached:

  • Multisig
  • Treasury (inc $CRE8R growth),
  • Adjudication,
  • Business Dev,
  • CRE8R recruitment and sustainment,
  • Ops and PM
    People could nominate for multiple roles particularly at this early stage

4 - An agenda item at the next meeting to be discussed and decided, or at least a decision by someone to outline and document the discussion, proposal and voting procedure for DAO governance. At the moment it’s pretty unclear.

I think this would be a great next step in supporting the awesome growth we’ve experienced and the relationships built with existing and prospective clients.

The work outlined above is the work of at least 10 people. The fact it’s been done by just 3 shows how invaluable they are to the DAO. I’m worried that without defined roles and just arbitrary compensation, we’ll quickly lose their enthusiasm.

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