MSC modification

Currently, we are hammering down different aspects of the DAO to find the best fit for ours. So regarding the MSC and how we are allocating each project’s budget, I wanted to propose some modifications to the current one.
This topic has been discussed to some extent in the link down below, but to make a decision, it needs to be discussed further.

so here we go:

I think the current MSC structure needs some modifications:

  1. The % we wanna allocate to the MSC should be flexible.

  2. Sales needs fixed % allocation.

  3. I don’t think pillar should be in the MSC.

To my first point the issue that I have is, we are going for a fixed % and not considering the fact that like the content, the quality of the work that the MSC group does also can vary from project to project. In this case the PM’s work needs to be documented, I don’t mean something fancy that would waste his/her time. In the end, ppl need to see behind the scene work so they can allocate properly.

To my second point, we need sales and sales needs clear incentive. Sales should be separate and be clear.

So to wrap it up, I mean for example we allocate 10-15 % to sales and 20-25% to MSC based on the quality of their work. The %s are just for example, DAO needs to decide on those.

One more thing I think it’s worth mentioning, everyone should be aware that they can be PM or be part of a strategy group.

We have to keep in mind not to complicate things and add unnecessary stuff, if anyone thinks anything is redundant, mention that. we need things to be as simple as possible

The important thing we need to figure out in case we’d agree on this, is how we wanna assess the quality of the work that MSC has done. This needs to be discussed further.

I mean if we want participating CRE8Rs in an epoch to decide on the % that MSC is gonna get, they are gonna need some documentation to base their decision on. Maybe something like this:(Likert scale)

  1. feedback from client 1 2 3 4 5
  2. Sharing new info on client 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Setting up Job board 1 2 3 4 5

Those are just examples

Agreed that MSC value can vary from project to project. But how do we adjust it without going back to original system of just allocating to PM sales etc in coordinape?

Ah ok I see you added some criteria for this. So we would be adding creators who worked on the project into the MSC circle?

It seems that its not much different to just having a single circle.

How about we just allocate to sales fixed price and go back to one circle? Only thing is multiple people can work on a sale and even sales vary in difficulty as well. ie some sale might come easy some might need a lot of work and documentation of proposal plus mulitple meetings. Also sales person (or group) can do a good or bad job at communicating what the client actually wants and what they have been promised. So in a way fixed rate for sales is also bad. But maybe there should be a minimum ie a base rate for sales and then the rest is up for debate (voting in coordinape).

I like this idea, it is simple and straight forward. I would consider the Pillar to be content IMO as well even if it isn’t distributed as an individual piece out the the public… and on the other hand, content can be created without the use of the pillar, so its not as if it is required.

That’s what we are discussing and trying to figure out
because it doesn’t make sense to me just to give the MSC a fixed % of the money.

I was thinking to have a google questionnaire ( Likert scale) with all the tasks that they have to do.

For the sales, you got a point, but we can assume sales is just getting the client for DAO and add the “client onboarding” to the PMs job. If the process was successful the sales get his/her cut. I’m just thinking loud.

But to be honest, I know we need to keep things as simple as we can’t overlook the stuff that needs to be worked on.

I would support this. Also think that sales should be fixed. The rest depends. Agree that pillar content should be part of content. As long as it’s are written out clearly, i think everyone can do their votes on coordinates, like any other content.

I suggest we try doing it on a scale like Passivecrypto said first. Try it for a few seasons, see if we like it or not, adjust from there.

Yup I’m supportive of this change. Let’s try and see!

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I agree. Scale works for me