Proposal to get BowTiedNerd into Founding 100

Title: Proposal to get bowtiednerd into the founding 100
Date Created: 12th Oct 2021


Bowtiednerd and me (bowtiedmtgoat) are co-founders of The Reading Ape. There are two of us working on the content but for simplicity, we’re using only one account to vote. That’s my account. As such bowtiednerd will need to go through this path to get voted in instead of the usual criteria way, because he won’t ever have fulfilled the criteria based on his account alone. I think that’s not fair for him.


  1. We have a total of 7 epochs, getting over 6k USDC since we joined the DAO, so this is more than enough for the criteria for 2 persons to be eligible for the F100

  2. Our voting address and wallet for payment from the DAO is this: 0x46236f725FDc61DF68e6AB12D094Cf5995a15802, so feel free to verify. Most are in eth mainnet and a part of it is in polygon.

  3. I always believed in deeds, not words. I hope both of us have proven to be valuable members of the DAO through our actions, not merely in words.

Would love to hear if there are anyone who opposes this? Please state why and I hope to address this.


  1. The snapshot proposal is already out: Snapshot. End date is 14th oct, do vote for it, thanks!
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I think both done great work up to now and you are top CRE8Rs

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Thanks man, appreciate that :+1:

I think RA produced top notch content and totally deserves to be included.

I do have a bit of confusion on the specifics of RA, i know its 2 guys, are you going to get 1 or 2 NFTs?

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Hey ceazor, sorry if I mislead you.

Bowtiedmtgoat (that is me) is already a f100 member. Bowtiednerd is not. And that’s because goat’s account is used to do the coordinape and also linked to the wallet that cre8r dao payout for each epoch. Nerd’s account has nothing.

The Reading Ape has 1 f100 nft already, under goat’s account. We’re proposing for another one under nerd.

That’s the gist of the proposal.