Remove content filtering system. Replace with vouching system

Vouching system is built in to coordinape & its more decentralised and less work for project managers.

@bee & dunks411 were the ones doing the filtering and we are the ones proposing the change.

Documented: Vouching - Coordinape

Please discuss if there is any issue with this change if not we are hoping to go ahead with it for the next epochs.

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Sounds like the way forward

so is it only for new members, right ?

Oh shit we actually missed that part. So the idea was for people who have not done 3 epochs and been paid 3 times.

Ok thanks

And the 3 vouching on the screenshot is made used on purpose, or is it just an example ?

so what’s the workflow like?

  1. 1 week before the epoch ends, we decide who should be in on Discourse. Discourse is better since we can separate according to tags.
  2. Just add in a list with work done, trello links include


*List *
1) A - did 1 tweet + 2 graph (trello link inserted here)
2) B - did 2 articles + infographics (trello link inserted here)

  1. We just need to direct pple over here to insert their own content from discord
  2. Once the end of the week is up, admin will nominate all the people in the list, vouch for them to add to the circle.

How’s this?

so I think the vouching system that Dunks is proposing here is only for New CRE8RS who have participated in 3 or fewer epochs (please correct me if I’m wrong here, Dunks)

How it usually works with the built-in vouching feature on Coordinape is:

  1. New CRE8RS that have participated in 3 or fewer epochs will approach one of the ‘seasoned’ CRE8RS (those that have participated in more than 3 epochs) and ask to get nominated

  2. If the ‘seasoned’ CRE8R would like to nominate this new cre8r then they’d use the ‘nominate’ feature right on Coordinape.

  3. The new CRE8R has 14 days to gather 2 more vouches in order to become eligible for Coordinape.


Okay, that’s super clear. Got it

I also understand this, Maybe the first post should be updated with those infos.

But then it brings some “issues”. It basically means that each epoch should run for at least 14 days. So people have time to vouch other members. And this should be done at the end of a contact. So if someone created content the last day, other member have time to vouch him/her. Meaning, epoch will basically be finished 2 weeks after the end of a contract.

No a real issue per-se. But current epoch are rather short (2-3 days) .so several epochs will probably be running at the same time

Also, how many people will be needed to vouch ?

You wanted to hide allocation to remove the “friend” aspect. How would you deal about vouching and friendly vouching ?

These are good points.

  1. In terms of the 14 day timeline. Perhaps new CRE8RS will need to make some content for free to begin with (which is the case for most DAOs) until they can be nominated and vouched in. In this case, the first epoch (or epochs if it takes a few tries to get nominated/vouched) they participate in they will not be able to get compensated. Thoughts?

  2. Currently there are only a few CRE8RS that will need to be vouched. Maybe 2 or 3? We do have a few new CRE8RS that are just joining.

  3. Friendly vouching is still vouching. Whoever vouches for another person should also be accountable for that person’s work, somewhat. This is a responsibility. People should not take it lightly. Say if I vouched for someone who is caught plagiarizing then I’m accountable for that person’s behaviour as well.

I’m a bit confused…

Make sure I got this.

  1. New person comes.
  2. Some F100 person vouches them into a CoorApe circle for an individual project. if no one vouches them in, then they can still create content but wont be paid for it.
  3. If they get paid, 3 times (3000usd? 2000usd?) they get the F100 still.
  • Once they get vouched into a circle, are they ok for all other project circles?
  • Is there is recourse for vouching in people that don’t qualify? (there is a dilution of GIBs already)

The original vouching systems was designed for ongoing circles that constantly grow in population.

Will there be a devouching system for nominating people out of circles?
Is anyone F100 auto into ALL circles?

If you think this makes the most sense. I am leaning on the ones using and have the experience to make the best choice.

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These are good and very tough questions, Ceazor. I think we need to think about them.

I’d like to comment on some of the questions you brought up:

  1. The idea is that once people get vouched in they’re okay for all other project circles. This is an alternative to the ‘content filtering’ system we’re currently using, which has been controversial.

  2. I’m assuming all who have qualified for F100 are ones that have made quality content since they’ve earned $2000 from at least 3 epochs. So yes, F100 members are auto in all circles. That’s just my thinking but am open to hear other ideas.

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