Should CRE8R DAO help summon Biz Dev DAO

Proposer twitter account: @adeptcamp
Project twitter account: @bizdevdao

Project short description: A DAO for DeFi biz devs

Deal details: BDD to give 20% of $SHAKE token supply for ongoing support from CRE8R DAO

Discussion forum link (this can be in CRE8R DAO discord/discourse or a channel/thread you create in your own discord/discourse):

  1. Yes!
  2. Who is doing this? I want in. I do biz Dev daily for projects in the space.
  3. Is there a doc around the concept? How will this be managed.
  4. The natural outcome of this is to be hub for biz dev to almost make itautomatic.

That’s you Dunks! Sorry, I didn’t realize.

Hey sir! Sorry I was just here doing a proposal, and saw your reply! Sorry I missed this earlier!!