The CRE8R Tokenized Client Onboarder

One of the main purposes of holding client tokens in treasury is to align incentives with our clients. We all see the value of this. We should also expect our clients to align incentives with our DAO.

We are proposing that we start asking new clients to first buy a certain, quantity or value, of CRE8R tokens before then can be considered for client onboarding.

Once they have bought, say 20K $CRE8R, then they will be eligible to make a new snapshot proposal in the CRE8RDAO snapshot.

We will provide them with:

  • The landing page explaining the process
  • The landing page with a RA’s flow of our pitch and what they will get
  • A link to the CRE8R liquidity pools, or even a UI on our page to buy
  • A link to the snapshot
  • A template for the snapshot.

The snapshot template will require the following info.

  • URL to project page.
  • URL to Doc/medium
  • Contact info

With options to choose.

  1. Decline to take this project as a client
  2. 25K USDC (or stable)
  3. Some percentage of USDC/Gov token
  4. All gov tokens (in USD value)

This process will allow us to spend less time negotiating with new clients, as well as add some buying pressure for our CRE8R token. Worst case scenario, we net gain the trading fees, if all clients buy and sell tokens after the proposal is posted. However, it’s more likely that clients will either hold these tokens, LP farm them, or even neglect to sell them.

This may allow us to start to transition to payments in CRE8R to creators, and thus allow us to take in client gov tokens to align us with them.

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