Use $CRE8R tokens to "bribe" inSPIRIT voters

Use $CRE8R tokens to “bribe” inSPIRIT voters

Many of you have seen APR on SpiritSwap CRE8R/FTM

This is a result of our partnership with SpiritSwap where as part of the deal SpiritSwap added our gauge and gave us some initial votes.

It is also a result of this giga chad

CRE8R DAO treasury is providing liquidity with 300k USD worth of CRE8R/FTM & farming Spirit.

These inSPIRIT voters are creating a situation where all CRE8R/FTM LPs are able to earn high APR paid in $SPIRIT. This is good for CRE8R DAO and our token holders!

We have an opportunity to use CRE8R tokens to “bribe” inSPIRIT voters to increase/continue their votes weekly on the SpiritSwap gauges.

There are two ways to do this.

1, Create an airdrop offer open to all inSPIRIT voters where we airdrop x CRE8R tokens prorata to CRE8R/inSPIRIT gauge voters. The outcome of this will initially be unknown. ie only after the fact will we be able to acertain/predict how much extra APR will we get from week to week ( gauge votes happen weekly).

2, Make deals with individual inSPIRIT whales with a fixed % of earnings that flowing back to the treasury flowing back to inSPIRIT whales as a “retrospective bribe”. This is 100% predictable effectively giving us a fixed 50% discount on inSPIRIT OTC!

ie CRE8R treasury is able to harvest x amount of SPIRIT verifiably because of x vote from x inSPIRIT whale therefore treasury pays out 50% of the USD value of SPIRIT returns to x_whale in the form of CRE8R.

Treasury farms 30kUSD worth of SPIRIT & pays 15kUSD worth of CRE8R as a “retrospective bribe”. x_Whale agrees to LP 100% of CRE8R/FTM and LOCK the LPs for x years (impossible to sell till unlock time).

This is both a hypothetical example for future whales & a real offer that is on the table.

Should we…